Hii, I'm VOYAGER ANNELID ! I make art, I build weird contraptions, I collect things, and I enjoy researching the histories of common, overlooked objects.

I use this site to post my Art, share Projects I am working on, share my Collections, and share information and resources about my Interests.


Ongoing Projects

Last Updated: 03-17-2024
Archive of larger, ongoing projects. Includes long-form art projects, worldbuilding and conlanging stuff, and certain other ongoing hobbies.


Last Updated: 02-15-2024
I post here about smaller projects I am working on or have completed, as well as collection updates, or whatever I feel like talking about! The scope of this page is broad but I've organized it into categories :)


A page where I post art & cool images I've made.


Fire Hydrant Page

Last Updated: 03-10-2024
My hydrant collection, Photos of hydrants in use, historical documentation, and resources pertaining to the history of the fire hydrant.

Milk Crate Page

Last Updated: 03-12-2024
Photos of my milk crates, field guide, cleaning guide, how I use my milkcrates, etc.


About This Site!

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Many of the things I make & photos I've taken are either in the public domain or under a Creative Commons license or similar - and I'd love for others to find use in them! Check the bottom of each page for more info.

That said - Unless Otherwise Noted, contents of this site © VOYAGER ANNELID !!!

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I will do my best to respond but please do not take it personally if I don't, or if it takes a while !!! I don't hav a ton of energy to interact with ppl a lot of the time. Still, I love hearing from people, friends checking in, internet people doing cool things, and fellow enthusiasts wanting to talk abt our shared interests.


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