About The Webmaster

Thank you for stopping by my web site !!!

I make art, I build weird contraptions, I collect things, and I enjoy researching various topics.

Particular interests of mine include web design and learning about the old internet, graffiti, urban infrastructure, vintage tech, retail history and groceriana, small vending machines, building instruments by hand, worldbuilding, linguistics and conlanging, board and card games, and probably quite a few other things I am forgetting to mention!

In high school, I learned some HTML and CSS, and I have been creating webpages ever since. For me this is a very fulfilling hobby, a way to share my interests, and maybe also a way to express myself a bit and subvert corporate social media and Algorithms and all that..

I love music and spend a lot of time listening to it. My tastes are quite varied but my favorite things to listen to tend to be newer psychedelic rock, pop, some rap, and a lot of weird electronic stuff. I love getting music recommendations from friends. I also sometimes enjoy making music, although I admittedly enjoy making instruments much more than playing them.

I don't consume very much at all in the way of movies and TV. I enjoy playing a lot of older videogames. I enjoy reading and would like to do it more, book recommendations are welcome!