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Welcome to my Can Pull Tab Collection page!

These tabs are collected in various ways: some come from cans of beverages I've drank, some I've found on the ground, some were sent to me by friends.
As always, the goal here is to collect as many different types - shapes & designs, colors, brandings, as possible, and document the full variety and complexity behind this overlooked object. Pulltabs are ubiquitous in our world, billions, probably trillions have been produced.

Since being invented in 1975, the "stay-on" can pulltab's design has evolved continuously, with different can manufacturers producing different takes on the design. Currently, many beverage brands use colored tabs, or tabs with logos stamped/cut out, adding even more to the variety that exists.

I also encourage chacking out Pull Tab Archaeology's typology of tabs, it has been a great help. I recommend checking out the site and learning more!
A special thanks also goes to STA-RAD, a pull tab enthusiast who taught me a lot about these, and sent me many interesting tabs. Thank you !!!!!

I will continue updating this page as I come across new pulltabs!



Feel free to use the images on this page for any purpose, just let people know I (VOYAGER ANNELID) took them !!! maybe even link to this page too, why not !!! If you do something cool with them, show me, I'd love to see! If you want a higher resolution of any image, contact me and I will send you one! thanks :)