Voyager Annelid's Fire Hydrant Page

Welcome to the FIRE HYDRANT page!
I've been fascinated by fire hydrants since I was a child, and have been collecting, researching, and photographing them for years. This page is to share my collection of actual fire hydrants, as well as photos of hydrants and historical documentation work I've done on the topic of hydrants, and to make resources I've created available to help other enthusiasts.
It is my hope that this page can be a useful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the fire hydrant.

Hydrant Photography

Fire Hydrant Photo Pages Index
I've made it a personal challenge to see how many unique makes, models, and varieties of hydrant I can find and photograph. On these pages, you can find photos and brief descriptions of every unique variation I've found to date, organized by manufacturer and model.

Fire Hydrant Photos Archive
A complete archive of every hydrant photo I've taken 2014-ish to present, at full resolution.

Fire Hydrant Trips Blog
Whenever I travel to new places, I try to do a bit of research about the hydrants there, and photograph and document a few of them while I'm there. Sometimes I also plan trips entirely for the purpose of finding and photographing unusual hydrants. I post about these trips and the hydrants I find on them Here!

Hydrant Collecting

My Fire Hydrant Collection
My collection of actual fire hydrants. These hydrants were acquired from city water departments, scrap metal dealers, and random listings on the internet.

Historical Documentation


History Resources

Timeline of Fire Hydrant Patents
Links to patents, showing the evolution of the fire hydrant over time. This resource focuses particularly on patents filed pre-1920 but may be expanded to include modern patents at some point.

Fire Hydrant Digitized Literature Reference
Links to digitized books with important historical information pertaining to fire hydrants.

Index Of Vintage Hydrant Photos
A database of vintage photographs from various sources, containing fire hydrants. Vintage photographs are a useful historical resource, as they show old and today seldom-seen models of hydrants in their original locations and contexts.

Community Resources

How I Find & Photograph Hydrants
A sort of beginner's guide to Hydrant Hunting. I explain how I find and photograph old or unusual hydrants, from doing historical research about hydrants in my area and in places I want to travel, to actually venturing out and locating & photographing hydrants, to organizing and sharing hydrant photos.

Templates & Web Design Resources
To other hydrant enthusiasts on the web: I encourage you to make a website, or a page on your website if you already have one, about hydrants! It is a great way to share your collections, hydrant photos, etc., and connect with other enthusiasts. This page will have free templates & web design resources to help others make a webpage about hydrants.