Voyager Annelid's Milk Crate Page

Welcome to my page about Milk Crates!
I collect milk crates to use for storage, makeshift shelving, etc. - theyre a great ubiquitous, readily available storage solution. I also just think they're neat. They're very beautiful objects, in a mundane, industrial/utilitarian sort of way.

Any object im allowed to spend much time with, I eventually become fascinated by the variations in its design, different shapes, colors, etc. Milk crates are no exception - since I've been collecting them, the sheer variety in colors and patterns has caught my eye, and I've become interested in learning about the different companies that make them, the different dairy companies that use them, and the different designs in use over time.

All "standard" 16qt. milk crates are made to the same dimensions (13"x13"x11" external dimensions), and all makes are designed to be fully stackable and fully cross-compatible, and have been for decades. Still, so much variation in design exists due to many different manufacturers producing their own take on the design.

Also, they're Everywhere. Literally ubiquitous. I see them at work, in friends' homes, in random stores, garden sheds, the back of peoples trucks, tossed into the woods, etc etc. Dairy companies like to make it very clear that milk crates are for their use only, to transport dairy, but so many have ended up in the hands of ordinary people. I happen upon new ones to add to my bunch constantly.

I don't think its wrong at all to 'misuse' milk crates for everyday storage - I would feel very guilty though about snatching some off of a supermarket loading dock somewhere. I get them mostly from random junk shops & recycling centers, and from convincing friends to give me theirs.